Alarm: Lemaitre "Relativity By Nite"

by Jon O Brien

Alarm: Lemaitre "Relativity By Nite"

About this album

Named after the Belgian priest who proposed the Big Bang theory, Lemaitre have been hailed as Norway's answer to Daft Punk thanks to a series of Relativity Eps trading in filtered robo-funk, Gallic electro-house and starry-eyed disco. Celebrating a year which has seen them grace the stage at Roskilde, climb the upper reaches of the US iTunes dance chart and sign a deal with Sony, Ketil Jansen and Ulrik Denizou Lund have now cherry-picked the best cuts from the trilogy to receive the remix treatment for Relativity By Nite. Although the majority of their own retro-futuristic club mixes and an instrumental version of twinkling yacht-rock number 'Cut To Black' stay largely faithful to the originals, there are several rewordings which take a more radical approach. UK producer Louis La Roche abandons the zombified baselines of the childlike 'Splitting Colors' in favor of an equally playful blend of console game synths and steel drums. Pacha regular Josef Bamba transforms the kaleidoscopic electro-pop of 'Continuum' into a turbo-charged fratboy-friendly slice of EDM, while US house DJ Ghosts Of Venice tackles the same track but instead opts for an addictive '80s-inspired blend of key tar riffs and tumbling drum machine beats. The album has plenty new to offer but also impressively still manages to keep the duo's musical vision intact.

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