We Started Nothing by The Ting Tings


We Walk

The Ting Tings

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Label: Columbia
The Ting Tings' in-your-face sass and boisterous brass will leave you either loving them or hating them. There's charm in their hodgepodge of legwarmer-era pop, Atari-inspired electronica, Yeah Yeah Yeahs-ish rock and kooky downtempo, but there's also confusion in the, well, bipolarness of it all. In the midst of trying to find their niche, it's the Brit duo's debonair dance tracks that stand out. "Shut Up and Let Me Go" has a CSS-like sexiness dominated by spiky beats; "Great DJ" has a kitschy sing-along chorus; and "That's Not My Name" will get you clapping along Toni Basil-style.

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About this album

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